Risc Scan - Risks under Control

Nowadays, we all have experienced that it is impossible to be 100% prepared for all unexpected situations. The question remains how to improve our position in case of accidents and how to react, so that the worst scenario would not have fatal impacts on the functionality of the organization. Risk management according to ISO 31000 is a great tool for coping with incidents.

The unique one-day Risk Scan is built on the basis of this international standard thanks to which we are able to overcome unexpected incidents. Although, nobody wishes such a thing we have to remember “better safe than sorry”. It is definitely better to see the reality, admit the risks and weaknesses and be able to handle them rather than to pretend there are none and be unpleasantly surprised.

Be a step ahead and prepare for the unexpected incidents with Risk Scan. Risk Scan is a special matrix risk evaluation established by the experts of our partner organisation Quality Austria and we proudly apply it during the entry analysis before the advisory procedure. Thanks to correct settings of the risk management, the organisation can better predict unexpected accidents and threats. Further, an organisation with effective and well-set up risk management system faster reacts and takes actions against the protentional risk if such appears.

Risk Scan operates with 10 major fields of RCM (Remote Control Module) method:

  1. Market based risk
  2. Human based risks
  3. Business risks
  4. Technical risks
  5. Legal risks
  6. Security risks
  7. Administrative risks
  8. Social risks
  9. Environmental risks and
  10. IT risks

Thanks to above-mentioned 10 RCM method, we are able to effectively evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the organisation. The output of the entry evaluation is a risk matrix that clearly illustrates the most vulnerable areas of the organisation, so it is aware on which areas it has to aim its concentration.

After the evaluation it is necessary to set up the right measures, so that the discovered risks could be fully or at least maximally possibly eliminated. How long does the whole procedure last? One day, i.e. eight hours, is devoted to the risk’s analysis. This evaluation takes place directly in the organisation according to a prepared plan and in the cooperation with the top management. The advisory part comes after the evaluation, it is hard to predict its duration as it is very individual as it depends not only on the branch of undertaking, its size and employees’ number, but also on the ascertained strengths and weaknesses. Usually, it takes between one to three days.

Implementation of Risk Scan risk management looks as follows:

  1. Preparation of the evaluation plan and communication with the top management of the organization
  2. Risks analysis
  3. Evaluation of the analysis´s output
  4. Discussion of the outputs with the top management
  5. Settings of measures for elimination or prevention of the risks that have been ascertained
  6. Implementation of measures
  7. Control and evaluation of the implemented measures
  8. Confirmation of Risk Scan´s completion

Short and effective risk analysis and its further processing takes only few days. Its positive impacts can be felt by unexpected incidents as a huge competitive advantage for many years.

Invest into the future of your organisation and defeat all unexpected incidents.

For further information on Risk Scan and offer email us or use the contact form.



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